Thursday, 3 November 2011

Happy Halloween - Monday 31st October 2011

Happy Halloween - Monday 31st October 2011

Smiles a super day of sessioning.

The first a switch for whom this was his first experience of domination, in a sensual style, comprising of nipple clamps, anal beads, and penile electrics.

The second a German pain slut who brought his own clamps (metal & plastic) and stinging nettles. For ball stretching and torture, I also used My unique shark clamps and custom built wooden ball crusher/stretcher. 

As a Pagan, this is our New Year.

Samhain 2011

 So as the wheel turns on another year we remember those who have arrived and more poignantly those who have left us

Arcing across the autumn skies the sun shines down on us and lights up our lives with her warming glow

My friends are very dear and I thank the Goddess for you and the influence you have on my life

Holding me close both physically and psychologically in both the bad times and the good

As the New Year arrives I look forward to it wondering what it will bring

I can't wait to spend time with friends both those I know well and those whom I don't haven't encountered yet

Now as this poem ends I send out blessings to you all with love and affection, BLESSED BE!!!

By Miss Simone

Squealed Like A Stuck Pig - Thursday 27th October 2011

Thursday 27th October 2011
A session of caning the palms of the hands and bottom, followed by anal prostate massage.  He jumped and squealed like a stuck pig. Splendid, as I do so enjoy provoking a reaction. How wicked of Me!

Two Enjoyable Sessions - Friday 14th October 2011

Friday 14th October 2011

What a lovely way to end the week - with two sessions. 
Both involved training a slave to pleasure a Mistress' cock with their lips/tongue/mouth, spanking and paddling and anal training.
But the lucky Spaniard also became the guinea pig for the two new genital whips, one soft and the other thudding. 

Yes, I only ever schedule two sessions a day if one of the visitors is a regular of mine, as I like to prepare, enjoy  his suffering, submission or devotion during the session and afterwards reflect and relax.

The Daughter and SlaveR - Wednesday 12th October 2011

Wednesday 12th October 2011

Delightful to session with slaveR again.
Securely locked into the Scavenger's Daughter, with electrodes attached to his genitals, nipple clamps applied and lots of green pegs adorning his ball sack.
The rubber hood was really too small and such a struggle to put on. 

I was in charge of the P.E.S. control unit, so many dials to turn, just makes a Domme so happy. He was moaning no no no oww. So I told him that he was a bad boy for not suffering for his Mistress. He vainly struggled to escape. Laughs. 

He had lost all track of time during the experience, and emerged relaxed and grinning when he heard how entertaining he had been to Me. 

Gifts from Crushed Slave Meat

Monday 10th October 2011

I have just been arranging a 3 or 4 hour session with Crushed Slave Meat.
The slave mindful that he is being granted a reduction on fees for such a long session, (£20 off every hour after the first two) thought that he would show his gratitude towards his Mistress. 

So he has purchased some implements for the session - another cock and ball flogger, this one is white polyester cord with the ends dipped in red rubber (very vampire styled for this month). Also a flogger with rubber balls, for the genitals and elsewhere.
Plus two severe canes, a singaporean judicial Tohiti and a bamboo Whangee (which is the type used by Charlie Chaplin as a walking stick). An extract 'On a visit to the Eton Museum of School Life, among the many fascinating exhibits on CP, one can see that in the 1930s the whangee canes featured on the punishment wall of canes in a prominent place in the prefects' room. My understanding is that they were used for the most severe canings.'
Good slave!

Summer's Passing

summer is passing
I'm having a blast
summer is past
I'm waiting for something
      waiting for nothing
      not waiting at all

summer slides past
it's almost fall
night is falling
and summer is passing
I'm having a blast
     loaded with memories
     loaded with thoughts
     not waiting at all

Poem copyright © Elsa Schieder, 2001

Summer speed past with sessioning with regulars trying to fit Me in around holidays abroad and those visiting London during the Summer months.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Afternoon Of Bondage Torture Part 3 - Friday 1st July 2011

I always receive an email of session suggestions as below.
"i respectfully request that You consider whether the following suggestions are suitable on this occasion:

That i am subjected to a prolonged 'tie-n-tease' session, to total frustration & humiliation for me, but with any additional 'torments' You wish me suffer for Your enjoyment, including being photographed, (camera provided), at any times You wish for my humiliation and Your website.

That i am initially leather wrist & ankle cuffed, ballgagged & blindfolded; teased & tormented as You see fit before being secured in a suitably embarrassing & exposed position, (such as a leg spread strapado), for You to administer CP as You so desire."

I used a selection of My nursery canes for a light caning and a suede flogger for beating his tight balls offered up in such a vulnerable way by his CB3000. As shown in the Photograph.

"When i have suffered CP sufficiently for Your enjoyment, i am released from my 'fixed' position so that my chastity-cage can be removed and my balls tethered/leashed for Your total control and enjoyment, including being led helplessly by my balls."

I used chains and padlocks to bind his balls with a variety of weights hanging. I then put him through his paces crawling with ball and chain locked on.

"That ear-plugs are added but my ballgag removed so that but i can be locked in a leather discipline hood (provided by me) before having my wrist & ankle cuffs released, then having my tethered balls secured to a vertical post about 23"/58cm from the ground so that i can neither kneel or sit at all, nor stand in any comfort whatsoever - even with my hands & ankles free!"

As shown in the Photographs.

"Re-secured in a standing spread-eagle in Your vertical bondage frame, facing You, with my hood & blindfold removed so You can show me the numerous instruments You intend to use to torment and tease my cock, balls & nipples etc.

That i am re-blindfolded, ear-plugged and leather-hooded so You can systematically torment, CBT and 'tease' me, until You are satisfied i have suffered sufficiently for Your enjoyment."

As shown in the Photographs.

"That i am re-tied as You desire, left hooded and prostate milked, (digitally or Aneros massager as You choose), until my balls are drained without orgasm, before being re-locked into my chastity cage, secured with a combination lock to which only You know the code."

After a period of edging, begging, frustration I was cruel and locked his erection up without release.

The text messages that followed:

Mistress, thanks for a great session. Finally on a packed train for a 1hr trip with a permanent semi-erection & 2 very blue balls! Any chance of the combination please? D x

Deliberately ignored.

Mistress, home but have to leave in 5 mins to collect kids for weekend! Seriously regretting my 'situation' - this is worse than CP & CBT together!!! Please text combination? :(

I relented and answered him to his relief, giggles.

O God does my co*k feel better for that! Your joke worked: I checked upto 350 before leaving and parking in car before your text!!! Back home in 15 for a v urgent w*nk! Thanks xxx